TomTom VIA 52 5″ GPS Unit


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Take home from $8.08 per week. Overview The TomTom VIA 52 plans intelligent routes that help you escape traffic in real time. Enjoy hands free calling. MyDrive and real time services by easily connecting to your smartphone with Bluetooth. Map updates and TomTom Traffic are free. for the life of the device. 5 inch touchscreen. Key Features TomTom Traffic Insanely accurate traffic information enables your TomTom VIA to intelligently plan routes around traffic. With real time updates from millions of drivers. it’s like having a huge network of friends helping you choose the best route to take. 3 months Speed Cameras Advance warnings on your TomTom VIA notify you when you’re approaching a speed camera. and remind you of the required speed limit. You can download updated camera locations for 3 months. at no extra cost.* *Real time updates are only available to devices with active real time services (e.g. LIVE or TomTom Traffic). Other devices can download fixed speed camera updates via MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME. Maps (Australia. New Zealand and Southeast Asia) Make sure you have the latest maps by connecting your TomTom VIA to your PC. We issue new maps seasonally ? which include road changes and revised speed limits. Get these updates for as long as your device is fully operational. TomTom MyDrive Plan routes. check live traffic and save favourites ? anytime. anywhere ? from your smartphone. PC or tablet. Your TomTom VIA will pick up any destinations or favourites set on MyDrive as soon as it powers on in the car and connects to your smartphone. TomTom Services via Smartphone Activate TomTom Services by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Your TomTom VIA uses your smartphone’s data connection to provide you with real time traffic. speed camera updates and MyDrive content. On average. TomTom Services use less than 10 MB of data per month.* *Smartphone Connected: To learn more and check compatibility. please visit: Hands free calling Drive more safely by making and receiving calls hands free. using your navigation device’s speaker and microphone. Simply connect your phone to your TomTom VIA with Bluetooth. Then put away the phone ? and have conversations without it. Advanced Lane Guidance Your TomTom VIA helps you prepare for exits and intersections by clearly highlighting the best driving lane for your planned route. So you’ll never miss a turn or have to make sudden lane crossings. Quick Search Simply start typing and your TomTom VIA will immediately show you a list of street names and places that match. All you need to do is tap on the one you want. and your device will quickly plan the best route there. Free software updates Our navigation devices are constantly evolving. By regularly connecting your TomTom VIA to your computer. you can download our free software updates. You’ll get new navigation features. improved performance and extra customisation options. In just a few minutes.





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