StarTech Tool-less 2.5″ SSD/HDD Mounting Bracket


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This mounting bracket lets you quickly install a 2.5″” SSD or HDD into a single 3.5″” bay in a desktop PC or server, with no tools required. The tool-less mounting bracket supports a 2.5″” solid-state drive or hard drive from 7 mm to 9.5 mm in height. Save time with easy, tool-less drive installation The mounting bracketu2019s tool-less design makes it fast and easy to install a 2.5″” drive in a computer or server, without the need for additional hardware or tools. Itu2019s ideal for system administrators and integrators who are building or upgrading a computing solution for a wide range of businesses and organizations, including schools and hospitals, saving valuable time and effort on installation projects. Designed for trouble-free use The lightweight mounting bracket is designed for trouble-free, reliable performance. To install a drive, you simply secure it into the mounting bracket, without using tools. Then, you put the bracket into a 3.5″” drive bay in your computer and the bracket holds the drive in place using the tool-less plastic pegs. The BRACKET125PT is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. Applications Provides system integrators and builders with a time-saving way to install drives into systems Makes installation projects more efficient for a wide range of small to medium businesses, organizations and institutions such as schools and hospitals Offers an easy way to install drives into desktop computers in business or home office settings Replace a single 3.5″” drive with one 2.5″” SSD or HDD + More – Less


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