StarTech HDMI Over IP Extender with USB


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This HDMI over IP extender lets you share an HDMI display or projector with the wireless or wired computer on your network. With intuitive controls and effortless screen sharing, this extender makes it easier than ever for users to collaborate and deliver presentations in boardrooms and office meetings. The IP video extender supports resolutions up to 1080p and features two built-in USB ports, enabling you to connect remote USB devices to your computer from your display. Itu2019s the perfect solution for controlling a computer from wherever the adapter is located. Streamline your digital collaboration The IP video extender helps you boost your office productivity, by making it easier for users to collaborate and communicate. The included software lets you connect multiple computers and easily switch between which user is sharing their content with the HDMI display, unlike some wireless video systems that are difficult to configure and require users to disconnect and reconnect manually. You can even use the video-over-IP extender to share information with a remote audience, such as connecting to a remote display over an office LAN, to hold remote meetings while you’re in another part of the office. Bring your own device With this IP video extender, you can turn your HDMI television, monitor or projector into an IP display that can connect to any Windowsu00AE computer on your network, making it perfect for conference rooms and classrooms where different ideas are shared by users who bring their own computers. Extend two USB devices at your display With a built-in USB hub, you can use your computer to access two remote USB devices at your remote display, enabling you or your customers to control the computer from the remote location. Remote operation can be used to create interactive digital signage, to engage your customers. Or, if you’re using the video-over-IP extender as part of your IT infrastructure, you can use the USB extender to add a remote KVM console that you can use to control your server from a remote location. The IPUSB2HD3 is TAA compliant backed by a 2-year warranty with free lifetime technical support. Applications Enable your employees or co-workers to share each otheru2019s screens on a boardroom display Create a remote KVM console that you can use to control your server from a remote location Share information with clients at doctors offices and hospitals, while keeping the computer in a remote, secure location Product Numbers Tech Data 12243913 ASI 187791 Ingram Micro USA 4T5611 SYNNEX US STA-IPUSB2HD3 UPC Code 065030864534


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