StarTech Drive Duplicator and Eraser for USB Flash Drives and 2.5 / 3.5″ SATA Drives SU2DUPERA11


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Duplicate or erase a USB flash drive or a SATA SSD/HDD, with 1:1 and cross-interface duplication This versatile drive duplicator and eraser lets you clone and erase both USB-based storage devices and 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA SSDs and HDDs, without having to connect to a computer. Ideal for IT professionals and system administrators, this versatile device helps you manage your file and data storage more efficiently, providing both 1:1 copying and cross-interface duplication.
1:1 or cross-interface duplication of SATA or USB drives
As a drive cloner, this unit lets you easily copy SATA and USB drives without having to connect to a computer. It enables you to duplicate 1:1 (from SATA to SATA or USB to USB) as well as cross-interface duplication from SATA to USB or USB to SATA. The drive cloner provides four duplication modes, including Quick Copy, All Partitions, Sector-by-Sector (Whole Drive) at speeds of up to 6.6GB/min., and Percentage Copy.
Multiple erase modes
Erase SATA or USB flash drives with ease, without a host computer. As a drive eraser, the SU2DUPERA11 gives you six erase modes including Quick Erase, Single Pass Overwrite (Full Erase), 3-Pass Overwrite (DoD) Erase, 3-Pass Overwrite and Compare, Secure Erase and 7-Pass Overwrite. You can erase a single SATA or USB drive, or two drives simultaneously.
Designed for ease of use
The drive duplicator and eraser features a compact and lightweight design with easy-to-use features. It offers convenient menu navigation buttons and an LCD display that clearly identifies the active duplication or erase mode and task status, to ensure fast and efficient operation.
The SU2DUPERA11 is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. Applications Forensic investigators who require disk sector imaging/cloning to create an exact replica of a source drive onto a different drive Professionals who require identical backups for when data integrity is crucial, such as data recovery Clone hard drives that contain hidden partitions, that some software disk cloning programs may skip IT administrators who wish to quickly clear/erase a drive in preparation for use in other applications Securely erase/wipe the data on your hard drive before the drive is disposed + More – Less null


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