Rumba Plus 12V Upgraded Integrated Mainboard Control Board Support 3 Print Heads With 6pcs DRV8825 Stepper Driver For 3D Printer


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Rumba Plus Mainboard Descriptions: 1. Rumba and Rumba Plus differences: fuse is pluggable. 2. The electronic part is the brain of the 3D printer, and all the movements are controlled by the electronic part. 3. The electronic part uses an integrated 3D printer control board based on the Mega2560 AVR processor. 4. This circuit board is designed for CNC machining machines such as 3D printers, engraving machines, laser cutting machines and the like. 5. You can use a personal computer to connect to a 3D printer or print directly from an SD card. 6. Due to the integrated design, installation and commissioning is simple. And the use forArduino IDE as a development software, it is easy to upgrade firmware and configurate parameter. Features: 1. Using the same CPU for Arduino Mega, for Atmega2560 as the master chip, with high-performance USB chip Atmega16U2, can be compatible for Ramps related firmware. 2. 5pcs temperature sensor interface inputs. 3. All pins are derived, easy to do more features to expand. 4. With LCD expansion interface, you can connect the Chinese LCD screen SD expansion version, to achieve offline printing (support 2004 and 12864) 5. The steering gear extends the interface for easy addition of auto leveling. 6. Support 6xA4988 16 subdivision driver board. 7. PWM output (heating tube, fan, etc.): 6-way output (1 large current, 3-way current, 2 small current) using high-performance low-conduction resistance MOS tube drive, each output LED as an indication. 8. Power supply part: power input for the 12V-35V, dual power supply design, effectively avoid mutual influence, the hot bed part of the support 11A current, 12V, other parts of the circuit, 5A, 12V, in order to reduce the Mega Controller board high current generated high temperature, Increase 12V cooling fan. 9. The controller board firmware will feature the most widely used Marlin, ease to use with functionality and stability Specifications: Model: Rumba plus Type: main control board Material: PCB Chip: Atmega2560 Supported print head: 3pcs print heads Voltage: 12V Supported driver module: 4988 Compiling environment: for Arduino IDE PWM DC output (heating tube, fan, etc.) 6 relay outputs (1 high current, 3 middle current, and 2 small current); Drive with a high-performance and low-resistance Mos tube; Each output has a LED indication; Power supply: Dual-way power supply design to avoid mutual impact (12V power supply is strongly recommended) The hot bed section supports 11A current, 12V voltage; Other parts of the circuit, 5A, 12V In order to reduce the high temperature generated by the high current on the Mega Controller board, it is recommended to add a 12V cooling fan. DRV8825 Features: 1. 4 layer PCB plate, the heat dissipation performance is better. 2. The chip has smaller internal resistance, lower heating and better heat dissipation. Specification: Model: DRV8825 Type: step motor driver Size: approx.15mmx20mm/0.59×0.78” Drive current: maximum 2.5A Subdivision: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 Package Included: 1x Rumba Plus board 1x 50cm USB cable 6x DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver 6x Heatsink


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