PowerShield Commander 2000VA / 1400W Line Interactive Pure Sine Wave Tower UPS with AVR. PSCM2000


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The PowerShield Commander UPS is designed to deliver clean power to and promote reliable electrical operation for all types of IT equipment in a network environment. The Commander protects your devices against power failures, power surges, under and over voltages that can harm your equipment or result in corrupted data. The PowerShield Commander UPS provides cost effective and a high level of protection for sensitive electronic devices while offering options for graceful shutdown of valuable IT equipment. The PowerShield Commander includes the highest surge rating of any standard UPS. 1558 Joules / 40,000 Amp surge protection. Works for gates, camera surveillance, computers, telephone systems, servers, and other sensitive electronic equipment. Best specifications in its class Intelligent real time battery backup display Smart 5% AVR with 2 step buck and boost Intelligent double stage charger control which translates to a faster recharge rate Generator compatible Highest Joule Rating 1558 Joules of surge protection Includes: Software for Win95/98/NT/2000/XP & Linux All PowerShield UPS models will beep when the battery is low or failing. Usage of the Net Guard software -it can email a message to let the user know that the battery is low or failing on the UPS


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