MPI3508 3.5 inch USB Touch Screen Real HD 1920×1080 LCD Display For Raspberry Pi 3/2/B+/B/A+


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Features: 1. 3.5inch standard display, support HDMI input, refresh rate of 60FPS or more 2. Physical resolution 480×320, configurable software resolution up to 1920×1080 3. Can be used as raspberry pie display, with touch control function (need to install touch drive) 4. Can be used as a computer monitor, TV box, PSP and other standard HDMI output device (without touch function) 5. Compatible and can be inserted directly into all versions of raspberry pie board (raspberry pie, 1 generation B and Zero, HDMI line) 6. Support HDMI audio output, backlight brightness adjustable Specifications: Size: 3.5 (inch) Resolution: 480 * 320 (dots) Touch: resistance touch Size: 85.5*60.6 (mm) Product weight : 148 (g) Package Included: 1x 3.5inch HDMI Display-MPI3508 1x Resistance touch pen 1x HDMI connector


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