MK9 Car Personal GPS Tracking Device Mini GPS GPRS Tracker Positioning


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Description: MK9 GPS Tracker is a mini tracker which can be used to personal tracking, pets tracking, car/motorcycle tracking. It has Historical track, Real time tracking, Voice surveillance, Geo-fence, Overspeed alarm, Authorization Alarm, Strong magnet, APP Query, Mileage statistics, Vibration alarm, etc. Feature: 1. GPS real-time positioning 2. Query 60 days historical route 3. Vibration alarm 4. Electronic fence 5. Mutil-modes working 6. Mutil-stages to query: APP/WeChat/SMS/PC 7. Worldwide available 8. Low power alarm Specification: Power: 4000mAh Size: 7*4.5*2cm GPRS: Class 12, TCP/IP Voltage Range: 3.6-4.2V DC Standby time: latency 300days standby 60days Working Temperature: -40C to 80C Working Environment Humidity: 20%-80%RH Suitable groups: Personal tracking, pets tracking, car/motorcycle tracking Accuracy of positioning:


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