MK8 GPS Tracker Car Locator Long Stand-by Time Strong Magnetism Car Alarm Waterproof


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Description: 1.Real-time positioning and tracking,track replaying. 2.Position checking through texting or on conputer service platform. 3.Position checking via WeChat public account. 4.Distance control via Android or Apple system on the cellular phone. 5.Alarm system by acoustic control. 6.GPS+AGPS+3LBS position function. 7.Vibration alarm function. 8.Strong magnetism. Specification: GSM frequencies 850M/900M/1800M/1900M available globally GPRS Class12,TCP/IP Voltage range 3.6-4.2VDC Standby power About 0.2mA Work environment temperature -40C+80C Work environment humidity 20%-80%RH Visual dimension 105*56*24mm Total weight 185g Preparation before Use 1.A SIM card is needed (big cellular phone card). Only China Unicom and China Mobile cards are supported, and online traffic set should be ordered. 2.Please insert the SIM card in the right direction. When the indicator light sparkles, the phone is turned on normally. Instructions of Sending Orders 1.Orders are normally sent by using smart phones to edit and text messages to the SIM card number. The device will reply messages to indicate success. 2.The order letters or symbols should be edited by English keyboard and the letters should be in capital. 3.Please make sure that the SIM card in the GPS device has enough balance. 4.We suggest using the exclusive GPS device traffic card. Turn on the Phone by Inserting Card 1.If the indicator light is on, the device is turned on and will enter into the linkage platform. After successful connection, the indicator light will stop sparkling, which means that the device is in normal working condition. Note: the indicator light keeps sparkling, normally caused by disconnection with the signals. Please check if the SIM card is inserted in place and the GPS device receives signals in normal condition. 2.After normal turn-on, the platform will secure successful positioning in 10 minutes and you can log on the website for checking. 3.Website for log-in: Account: Device IMEI (at the back of the device cover) Original passwords: 123456 Notice: 1.About standby time Many factors may affect the standby time of the device, such as the use and move frequencies. In case that the standby time is too short, please charge the device with the card for exactly 5 hours and switch the mode into super-long standby mode to extend the standby time to the longest. Safe Mode: The platform can position and show up real-time with precision, but it’s very power-consuming. Power-saving Mode: This is positioning in a supporting role and its precision varies according to the cities where it’s located. It’s purely power-saving. Super-long Standby: Only when positioning and checking are done through texting will the platform be available. This is the most power-saving. Select the mode in the APP. If the order through APP fails, please text to activate the order. Texting through Cellular Phone: wkmd, 2# (super-long standby) Wkmd, 1# (power-saving mode) Wkmd, 0# (safe mode) We suggest turning on the Power-saving Mode in usual time. If any check is needed, text wkmd, 0# to activate the function and get real-time updates since we don’t need to look for the location all day in usual time. 2.Why do the locations in the platform update slowly or even update nothing? When the locations stop updating, check if it’s in Safe Mode. If no update in Safe Mode, send ‘reset#’ to the SIM card of the device and the updates will be in place within about 3 minutes. 3.How do you know if the device is working? Call the SIM card number directly. If it returns ‘Sorry, the number you dialed is busy’ it means the device is working in normal condition. If it returns ‘The number you dialed is power off or can’t be reached’ then it means the GPS is power off or not in the service area. The device is not working at the moment. 4,What should be paid attention to in battery charging? Charging should be and can only be done when the SIM card is inserted. In the process, the blue light will be turned on indicating the charging is on. Please don’t take the electricity quantity shown in the APP as the standard. Normally the charging lasts for about 5 hours and the blue light will be off after the battery is full. 5.Is the fee deducted when pick-up or texting are carried out? The fee of the traffic card attached will be deducted in dialing or texting, 0.1 yuan per message and 0.6 yuan per minute in dialing. For other cards, please consult the local operators. 6.Why does the indicator light keep sparkling after the card is inserted? When the light is sparkling, please check if the card is inserted in the right direction. If it’s right, then put the device outdoor or in any open area and wait for 10 minutes before it works normally with stable signal. Package Included: 1 X MK8 GPS Tracker 1 X Charger 1 X Charge Cable 1 X User Manual


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