Mirarobot MRK C1000 1S 5.5V 1000mA USB Battery Charger Discharger for E010 E010S Blade Inductrix


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Mirarobot MRK C1000 1S 4.9V-5.5V 100-1000mA USB Charger Discharger Support High Voltage Lipo Battery Description: Input Voltage: 4.9V-5.5V Charge Current (configurable): 100-1000mA Max Discharge Current: 240mA Discharge Voltage Accuracy: +/-20mV Cut-off-Charge Current:>60mA Accuracy of charge Current Control: +/-15mA Single Flash-Ordinary Lithium Battery: 4.2V Successive Flash-High Voltage Lithium Battery: 4.35V Charge Time Protection (configurable): Discharge Capacity (configurable): Low Voltage Protection: 2.7V Wrong Polarity Protection: Available Features: – This Charger is suitable for charging various chargeable lithium batteries, including high voltage and ordinary lithium batteries. – Multiple discharge functions can fulfil various discharge demands,with max discharge current 240mA. – Programmable: The software is configured to realize high accurate charge and discharge of High-Low voltage lithium batteries. – Safe: Double independent overcharge protection can prevent accidents from occurring due to device damage,thus improving safety. – The charger is configured through the adapter, which has two communication ports, the big one is for connecting computer and the small one is for connecting mobile phone. You can only use on port every time. Package Included: 1 x Charger 1 x Adapter Board 1 x Cable


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