Mini Waterproof GPS Locating Tracker Motor Bike Electrocar Anti Theft Strong Magnetic


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Feature: 1.Real-time tracking: The device is in real time . 2.Historical trajectory: This product will save 3 months of track information. (You can choose to see the daily walk through the route). 3.Electronic fence: Set the area on the map, the device out of this range of mobile phones will receive SMS alarm information. 4.Device settings: A:Vibration sensitivity according to the vibration amplitude and frequency alarm, the customer can set their own, you can choose to close. B:Center number Set the phone number when the device is shaking. (Set your own phone number). C:Upload interval device itself, each time period will automatically upload the tracking data, so that customer query trajectory. D:Remote shutdown customers can operate at the APP side of the remote shutdown device, enter the power state. E:After the phone alarm is turned on, the machine will be given a call when it is triggered. 5.Alarm information: Customers in the APP side of the device itself to check all the alarm information. 6.Voice monitoring: Click on the icon can be, the device automatically call back the phone, to achieve monitoring function. 7.To change the password: Login password, the customer can modify (six digits). 8.Login logout: APP side to close the software, the phone will no longer receive all the information. 9.Multi-platform monitoring: Support PC-side and Andrews, Apple mobile phone client. 10.Universal: Domestic support for mobile and China Unicom GSM quad-band networ. Usage: 1.Insert the sim card and boot. 2.Download ‘GPS’ APP. You can search it in APP store or you can open the following URL: (https: // to download the APP. 3.Login to APP: Enter the ID number of the product, (the default password: 123456). Package Included: 1 X GPS Tracker 1 X Connection Cable


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