Mini Global Real Time Tracker N11 GSM/GPRS Tracking Locator


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Description: The product applies the latest intelligent positioning system for six base stations. It is more accurate and also faster than the traditional positioning system for single base station or three base stations; it has adopted Google map V3 which covers the majority of the countries; it is also fitted with the audible alarm which features clear acoustics and long stand-by time, small size, stable performance and convenient installation; it is mainly used fo the monitoring, protection and tracking of houses, children, old people, pets, cars and warehouses. Specification: GSM frequency ranges 850/900/1800/1900 GPRS Upload60,TCP/IP Working voltage 3.44.2V DC Standby current 2.5mA Start sound-controlling current 30mA Speaking current 150mA GSM positioning time 35s Working ambient temperature -20~+70 Working ambient humidity 20%~80% RH Dimensions 41 (L) 23 (W) 14.5(H) mm Note: For the new mobile phone, ensure full electricity charging to achieve the best results. Standard charger: 5.0V, 300-500MA to prevent the damage to the host portion of the machine. Attention shall be taken to the signal intensity of GSM network during installation. In case of damages on the using effect, installation shall be avoided at the place with no or weak signals. The dim light indicates battery is dead, which shall be charged before using. If the phone call cannot get through, re-insert the card or re-charge the battery before another testing of phone call. In case of failure of automatic answering, re-insert the card and start up the mobile phone. If required, the additional controller shall be customized. Package Included: 1 X N11 GPS 1 X List Of Using National 1 X User Manual


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