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Feature: 1. Environmental protection and energy saving. 2. Can be refrigeration, heating two-way function, refrigeration and environmental temperature difference of 20 + 2. 3. Has a good thermal insulation performance. 4. Working voltage: car type DC 12V; (car home with 12V converter 220V converter). 5. No noise, no pollution, micro, high safety, long life. 6. The product structure is exquisite, portable, easy to carry. 7. The temperature of the box needs to be upright. 8. To meet the food, fruit, beverage, pharmaceutical and other storage requirements, will food heating Celsius 65 degrees, hot, hot milk, bread and so on. Suitable for: cars, families, single dormitory, sleep room, student dormitories, offices, a picnic or fishing, travelling, yachts. 9. In the home, the office, the school, the hotel, the dormitory may press the 220V power source to use (the family vehicle uses the type). 10 .And in vehicles, ships and other modes of transport can be directly connected to the 12V cigarette lighter socket; in the absence of power, can maintain latitude 30 minutes. Specification: Size: 16*23*25cm Color: blue, pink, white, red Material: ABS Capacity: 4L Power: 50 (W) Applicable car models: All car models Power supply voltage: 12/220 (V) Minimum cooling temperature: 5 () Maximum heating temperature: 60 () Instructions: Insert the plug into the cigarette lighter socket or 12V power jack, and the other end of the wire is inserted into the 12VDC socket. According to the heating and cooling needs choose the corresponding LED lights, the need to pay attention to is 15 or 30 minutes in order to refrigeration or heating, in order to achieve the ideal heating or cooling effect best in the food or drink into before preheating or chill. Please refer to the instructions before use. Safety and precautions: Customer need to know: 1. The frozen effect: the low than the ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, generally about 1 hour can be reached, the lowest 5 degrees, not suitable for ice lolly. 2. The refrigerator in the quiet house will have a fan sound, in the car, you can not hear. Sound constant, no noise, and the sound of a fan of a desktop computer is almost. 3. Accessories: Dc power line (lighter interface) Note:This product only plays the role of heat preservation and refrigeration, there is no freezing effect. Package Included: 1 X Mini Portable Fridge


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