INPA DCAN k+Can Diagnostic Cable Switched For BMW E Series


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BMW USB to OBD K+DCan Switching Diagnostics Cable This cable will work on all BMW E Series models using both K Line and D-Can protocols from 07/2000 to 2014, Our cable uses the latest FTDI chipset with USB controller IC Our USB-OBD Data cable eliminates the need to use a USB to Serial converter and is an all in one solution that requires no more hardware to use other that the cable and computer, no need for diagnostic heads of any kind, our cables are fully tested before we send them out and come complete with all the necessary drivers for installation so you have peace of mind knowing all you need comes complete with the cable. As used by independent specialist’s up and down the country this is all you will need to keep on top of your car’ sophisticated on board electronics and diagnostic requirements. Our cable is not a generic type code reader it has been adapted by us to work with BMW vehicles and PC’s that no longer use the older type 9 pin serial port and will plug directly into your PC’s USB port so there is no need for serial port to USB adapters for use on newer PC’s. Below are some functions available when using our data cable with relevant software: Basic Functions In-Depth Functions Compatible with Fault code reading Complete Diagnostics (including test plans) 1 Series – E87 Fault code resetting Live data checks 3 Series – E46/E9X Service light resetting EWS DME synchronisation 5 Series – E39/E60/E61 Annual inspection reset Air Suspension Adjustment 6 Series – E63/E64 Airbag light reset SMG Clutch Bite Adjustment 7 Series – E38/E65/E66 ABS wheel speed checking Testing of individual parts before replacement X Series – E53/E70 Component Activation Activation of ABS pump for bleeding after replacement Z Series – E52/E85 Clearing Adaptations Coding/Programming including key memory – Car memory and so much more. BMW Mini plus much more All models up to 2014 Note: older model BMW’s (1997-07/2000) use a round 20 pin Diagnostic socket found under the bonnet, This auction includes the K+Dcan Switching cable only – see other auction for 2/3 part set to include 16-16 & *16 to 20 pin adapter for older models. (*this is not and ADS adapter) Package Included: 1 X Car Diagnostic Cable


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