EZCAP 613 Mini Turntable Vinyl LP Record to MP3 USB Charge Converter SD Card Flash Drive Directly


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Features: With this ezcap613 USB Turntable to MP3 converter, you can easily transfer your vinyl record to MP3 format, so can play on your computer, laptop, mobile phones, etc PLATER-Place your record here TONEARM-Comes with a ready to use pre-balanced tone arm and cartridge. ARM CLIP-This specially designed arm clip secures the tone while at rest or when not in use. The arm clip has been designed to remain in the up position while unlocked. When a record is on the platter, place the arm clip dowm LINE OUT-Connect to speaker, so can enjoy the playing music Mini USB PORT-Use an USB cable to connect computer, so can converter music with software Material: Plastic Case Plug: Mini USB Function: Turn your records into MP3/ MAV Support LP: 33 RPM Output: RCA Supports: for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, for Mac Interfaces: AUX OUT R+L + USB Size: 292 x 122 x 77cm Stero Output: L/P Channel, 3.5mm Jack How to Play Your Recorders: Undo and lower arm clip Raise the tone arm, then move it to the side Place the record on the platter Lower the tone arm onto record; the record will begin playing When finished, raised the tone arm and return it to rest on the arm clip Package Included: 1 x EZCAP 613 USB Turntable to MP3 Converter 1 x USB Cable 1 x Software CD 1 x English Manual


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