DC 9-30V 16 Channel RS485 Communication Relay Module Industrial Grade PLC Automation Intelligent Remote Control Switch


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The RS485 relay module uses the upper computer control (or serial port debugging tool control, etc.) to connect the electrical equipment to be controlled to the relay end of the controller. It is not necessary to go to the site, as long as it is next to the computer, it can control various electrical equipment. Features: 1. The product has passed the aging test and the performance is stable and reliable. 2. Wide input voltage range, can be used stably with DC9-30V 3. Each channel is equipped with optocoupler isolation, which does not interfere with each other. 4. Each channel has an LED indicating relay switch status 5. With anti-power reverse design 6. Send the self-developed PC software, new function design, more powerful operation 7. The product is completely independent intellectual property design, providing communication protocol and technical support. 8. Equipped with address dialing code for easy networking Application : Smart home, internet of things, industrial control, electric motor drive, monitoring management, etc. Package Included: 1 x RS485 Communication Relay Module 1 x User Manul


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