CNC Shield V3 Expansion Board + 4xA4988 Step Motor Driver Module + UNO R3 Board kit For Arduino 3D Printer


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Descriptions: 1. Arduino CNC Shield V3 3D Printer Expansion Board This expansion board as a driver expansion board, can be used for engraving machines, 3D printers. It is a total of four slots, can drive four A4988 stepper motor. Each road stepper motors only need two IO ports. In other words, six IO ports can be well managed three stepper motors. Very convenient to use. UNO for Arduino module IO port correspondence introduction. More info. please click here. 2. A4988 Reprap Step motor driver module Simple step and direction control interface Short-to-ground and shorted-load protection Five different step resolutions: full-step, half-step, quarter-step, eighth-step, and sixteenth-step Intelligent chopping control that automatically selects the correct current decay mode (fast decay or slow decay) Over-temperature thermal shutdown, under-voltage lockout, and crossover-current protection Adjustable current control lets you set the maximum current output with a potentiometer, which lets you use voltages above your stepper motor’s rated voltage to achieve higher step rates More info. please click here 3. UNO R3 Development Board Instructions: Download the arduino IDE: Download the USB chip driver: http: // Id = 126 Plug in the UNO development board, the driver will automatically install In the die inside select the board UNO Select the COM port, this can find in my computer, make the uno development board inside the port Best to choose arduino own routine program, burned into it. Package Included: 1 x CNC Shield V3 Expansion Board 4 x A4988 Step Motor Driver Module 4 x Heatsink 1 x UNO R3 Board


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