Assembled DIY Geiger Counter Kit Module Miller Tube GM Tube Nuclear Radiation Detector


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Description: Name:Radiation Detector system Geiger tube parameters: Technical parameters diameter:100.5mm Total length: 902mm Starting voltage: 1 x 10^9 pulse Medium temperature: -40 ~ 55 Size:108x63x20mm Infos: click here. Features: 1) 5V power supply, or 1.5V 3x battery; 1.2V 4x battery, current: 30mA – 12mA 2) for the detection of 20mR/h ~ 120mR/h of gamma rays and 100 ~ 1800 off variables / points / cm 2 of the soft beta ray. 3) sound and light alarm 4) interrupt the output interface, through this interface can be connected to the microcontroller and then displayed on the LCD. 5) Ardunio compatible 6) supports most of the Geiger tube: M4011, STS-5, SBM20, J305, etc. (the 330~600V operating voltage of the Geiger tube can be supported). 7) support the computer (PC) data acquisition, Matlab analysis and processing Detection of nuclear radiation work (copy the following link to the browser to watch): Http:// Customers using our Geiger counter to record the video: Http:// Compatible with Arduino: (recommended UNO R3 Arduino, or any other arbitrary with 5V and external interrupt INT) Internet can be downloaded: SPI example for Radiation Logger Arduino Logger Radiation can be used as the host computer software to build radiation monitoring station. Package included: 1 x Assembled Radiation Detector system 1 x GM Tube 1 x Power supply cable 1 x Battery Holder (without batteries) 3 x Jumper Wires 4 x Nuts 1 x Acrylic cover


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