5XPrecision Universal Level Bubble 15x8mm


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5XPrecision Universal Level Bubble 15x8mm Description: Material: Plexiglas (new material or recycled materials) Appearance: using the most cutting-edge special acrylic mirror material, so that after forming crystal-like products such as thorough, extremely beautiful, fine workmanship, the horizontal direction at a glance. After the bubble collision can gather within one second, placed -20 12 hours, 65 12 hours after the recovery room temperature, the bubble size recovery ever, the liquid flow is strong. Main purpose: adjustable carpentry measuring the level, adjust the level of factory machinery and equipment, adjusting the level of special equipment to adjust the pedestal level, adjusting the level of medical equipment, adjusting the level of office desktop, adjust the computer chassis, monitor level, adjust the level of office machines, adjust the camera level high levels of the tripod, adjust the level of the furniture, adjust the frame level, adjust the murals level, adjust the calendar level, adjust the toy level where accuracy requirements are available. It allows you to adjust the level of frequently used items more convenient when the angle is more accurate. Package Include: 5x Precision Universal Level Bubble(15x8mm)


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