5 X Copper Heat Sink Laptop GPU CPU Heat Sink Copper Shim


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Description: Type : 20mmx20mmx0.3mm 20mmx20mmx0.5mm 20mmx20mmx0.8mm 20mmx20mmx1.0mm 20mmx20mmx1.2mm Net Weigth: 0.3mm-4g 0.5mm-8g 0.8mm-14g 1.0mm-16g 1.2mm-20g Easy to install High conductivity thermal adhesive tape The copper has high purity,coefficient of thermal conductivity as high as 401w/mk . It can be applied to HP DV2000(G86-630video card),HP V3000,HP DV9000,Dell M1210(G7400video card),Acer,ASUS A8, Founder computer and all laptop and computer heatsink solution. Package Included: 5 x Heat Sink


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