3D Light Cube Kit 8x8x8 Red Green Blue LED MP3 Music Spectrum DIY Electronic Kit


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Note: 1. This product does not includes housing.. if you need the housing, please purchased separately (Product ID: 1101043). 2. This is a DIY kit, you need to have some knowledge of electronics and ability. 3. Need a lot of soldering, you should have enough patience. 4. Recommended download and check the instructions to ensure that you can use. 5. Not support driver for window 10 now. 6. 8x8x8 Red, Blue and Green three kinds of lights display version, not RGB LEDs, not single color display, please note.. 7. File download: Click to open Feature: 1. Built-in 3W amplifier + 3W high-quality speaker 2. Can be inserted TF memory card to play music 3. Can be inserted U disk to play music 4. Through the audio line input and output music 5. Built-in MP3 music, the volume can be adjusted 6. Built-in music can be controlled by a button on the next song 7. Built-in 42 kinds of off-line stunning animation (plug in the electricity can run animation) 8. Built-in 14 kinds of offline dynamic audio animation (dance with music) 9. 3D8 on the machine mode (control animation) 10. 3D8 on the machine music mode 11. Infrared remote control function 12. Night, daytime control mode 13. PWM breathing light mode 14. Switch on the mainboard automatic detection mode 15. Photoresistor automatic dimming function (need to expand by yourself) 16. Shell size: 233 * 161 * 161mm 17. PCB board: 150 * 150mm 18. Input voltage: 5V / 5V charger 19. Current: 1A-2A (2A better) Four key functions: K1 key: Enter the mode selection, day, night mode control K2 key: Enter the 3D8 PC mode (press the K1 key to be effective after power on) K3 key: Enter 42 kinds of offline animation mode (press the K1 key to be effective after power on) K4 key: Enter 14 kinds of off-line audio mode (press the K1 key to be effective after power on) Three music keys features: S1 key: Enter the music playback / stop control S2 key: Enter the previous song / volume decrease control S3 key: Enter the next song / volume increase control Circuit design: STC12C5A60S2 + 74HC245 + 74HC138 + 74HC595N 1. Integrated STC12C5A60S2 high-speed 1T microcontroller 2. 74HC245 buffer driver (cascade connection) 3. 5A high-current MOS tube driver chip (to solve the uneven brightness) 4. High-speed scanning chip and serial control cascade chip 5. Use professional MP3 music chip 6. Use professional power amplifier chip 8002B There are two ways to modify the pattern: 1. Modify the program (difficult, you need to understand programming) 2. PC computer software direct manipulation of the light cubic Package includes: 1 x 3D Light Cube Kit


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