120mm DIY PC Water liquid Cooling Fan Kit Heat Sink Set CPU Block Water Pump Reservoir Hose


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This all-in-one liquid CPU cooler kit provides a 120mm heat sink, water pump, cylindrical water reservoir, fan, as well as installation accessories, which will dramatically improve heat dissipation experience, especially in terms of stability, silence, efficiency, and convenience. Liquid cooling simply works better than air cooling and the special design makes it easy for you to protect your valuable CPU. Specification: Name: 120mm Heat Sink Set Material: Plastic, Metal *120mm black heat sink (with screw pack): Suitable for 8-10 mm diameter of pipe Appearance size: 15.7*12*2.5cm Outer diameter: about 12.9 mm Material: Aluminum Number of waterways: 18 Application: water cooling system heat exchange Surface treatment: powder coating * LED fan: Appearance size: 12 * 12cm Power supply interface: large 4Pin + small 3Pin * CPU block (with 4 pcs screws): Description: Universal for INTEL / AMD Dual Platform (For INTEL 775, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366) (For AMD: AM2, AM3, AM3 +) Note: Do not support for AMD4CPU CPU block, bracket supports for AMD INTEL mainstream hole installation. Screw size: G1 / 4 Outside diameter: 12.9mm Size: bottom contact size: 5 * 5cm; thickness: 3mm Material: Bottom: red copper; Cover: transparent plexiglass * Cylindrical water reservoir: Water reservoir height: about 200mm Water reservoir diameter: 5.5cm Water reservoir interface: G1 / 4 universal thread Interface diameter: 12.9mm * Transparent hose: Inner diameter: 8mm Outer diameter: 12mm * Pump (including shock pad): Features: Waterproof, Stability, High quiet, long life Thread size: G1 / 4 Interface diameter: 12.9mm Pump Size: Overall Length 7.7CM, Height 5.2CM, Cover Thickness 2.8CM, Cover Width 5.2CM Material: Acrylic Pump head: 5 meters Power supply interface: large 4Pin Power: 9W Current: 0.8A Voltage: 12V Flow: 600L / H Feature: *CPU Block: The CPU block is constructed with a copper base to provide exceptional heat transfer and cooling performance. *Cylindrical Water Reservoir: The cylindrical water reservoir is manufactured from high quality transparent acrylic so that the circulation system is visible. *Water Pump: Waterproof, stable, high quiet, long life. *120mm Heat Sink: Provide the excellent heat dissipation, as you need for highly overclocked desktop processors. *LED Cooling Fan: The excellent performance cooling fan offers a high air static pressure with lower noise. *6 Rigid Tube: Can be bent when heating, also can be cut to meet your need. Packing Included(As picture): 1 x 120mm Heat Sink within Screw Pack 1 x LED Fan 1 x Universal CPU Block Set 1 x Cylindrical Water Reservoir Set 1 x Transparent Hose 1 x Water Pump with Shock Pad 1 x Necessary accessories Note: Please allow 1~2inch error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.


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