Financial Planning

Today, more than ever, you need to take control of your finances. But where do you start? Our exclusive partner is here to assist you. Founded in 1986, Australian Financial Advisers (AFA) is one of Australia’s leading financial services providers dedicated to helping Australians secure their future and achieve their goals.

Place your hand over your heart.

Listen, feel it.

It will beat 122,400 times today.

Do not waste precious beats forgetting why you are really alive.


Many over-estimate what they can achieve in the short term and underestimate what they can achieve in the long term. And far too many are caught up in the rat race spending too much time chasing after money instead of focusing on why they want it in the first place.

We are passionate about helping others understand the true currency of life and how you can write your life story with the right financial plan.


It is rare that any of us will have exactly the right amount of money we desire at the time we need it to see our dreams become reality. This doesn’t mean our ideas are destined to fail or that our goals are unattainable.

The AFA Lending experts have the insight to know a great opportunity and the right connections to present you with suitable options to see you fund your dream home, business venture or life experience.


Partner with AFA for all your financial needs and reap the benefits of a streamlined service saving you time, avoiding repetitive conversations and seeing your money allocated wisely.

Our extremely experienced accountants work with our qualified financial advisers to keep your books in order, and help you stay accountable to your budgets while open to cost-saving opportunities.


Understanding that life has a way of throwing curve balls, the AFA Insurance team is thoroughly experienced in future-proofing businesses and families to ensure they are financially protected against unfortunate situations that may arise.

We don’t believe in fearing the future, instead we believe in being appropriately insured so that you can enjoy life with confidence.

Australian Financial Advisers

We know money matters, we know money can bring opportunity but we also know life gives so much more.

At AFA we focus on what brings you joy, what makes your heart skip a beat and we help you create a life story that’s worth telling.

That’s the AFA Way.

General Advice Warning

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